Simple Essentials | What is Pet Taxi?

Pet Taxi is a 24 Hour In-House (or Location-to-Location) Pet Care & Transportation Company focused on delivering the highest quality experience for pets and owners. Our goal is to learn you and your pet so that we can deliver accessible, reliable, and affordable support for you and your best friend(s).  Pet Taxi offers service for Dogs, Cats, Fish, and any other animal that requires attention…whether it is a planned or last minute request!

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Pet Taxi also has a strong network of Partners and as an integral part of your community, we offer Internships to individuals that are looking to grow their business experience.

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Meet & Greet | Learning Your Pet

Enjoy your day by knowing that your pet is safe and happy. Pet Taxi is focused on customer and pet satisfaction. Get started by scheduling an onsite Meet & Greet where we learn and document your pet’s needs.

Simple Essentials | The Pet Taxi Promise

We are committed to your satisfaction at every moment during your Pet Taxi experience.  Our trained staff will meet with you up front to talk about your needs and provide consistent updates that keep you aware of the status and happiness of your best friend.  Your family is our family!  Click here to learn more about The Pet Taxi Promise or click here to setup your Pet Taxi Meet-and-Greet.

As a full-service pet care company, we can be reached 24 x 7 x 365 by phone, sending an email or by submitting a request online.  Contact us.


Part of our Pet Taxi Promise we believe in raising up new leaders within our communities.  If you are looking for an opportunity to learn more about managing your own business or if you are looking to contribute a unique set of pet care skills to Atlanta, we would like to hear from you.

Click here to Apply for an Internship or to see the latest Internship Opportunities.

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